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our team

We are an energetic and productive marketing agency. Our main focus is high-quality and organic social media content for the right audience at the right time.

Our team is the core of our function. Our most important resource is a team filled with unconventionally good attitude. We all have our special skills and together we can work wonders. We cherish developing skills and innovative functioning so that we can meet our clients needs flexibly and individually. 


We are pr- and marketing agency Primaq. Our aspiration is to boost the brand awareness and sales of our clients – this is something we aim for in all our services. Our story began in 2009 and in 2014 the company form got changed  from sole proprietorship to a corporation. We have taken huge steps forward every year ever since then. We want to be a pioneer in our field and bravely try new things. Our way of working is energetic and professional. We are curious and want to stay on top of trends and develop our skills constantly. Throughout the years we have managed hundreds of social media business accounts and the related data. Therefore we have experience and knowledge from different industries and what kind of content works best. We hit the ground running and we aren't shy to try new things. We always aim to have long client relationships and the majority of our current clients have been with us from the beginnning. Let's find new ways for your company to gain better visibility.




 Primaq as an employer 

We are a respected partner and an interesting employer. We want to be the happiest and most collective work place in our field. Working bravely forwards while taking responsibility of both people and the society. Our employees are the most important part of us.

In our employees we value a positive and motivated work attitude. People come to us from different backgrounds but with the same high motivation. We value different kinds of personalities and you need to have character! Being genuine is the key. We offer all our employees a possibility to develop and build their skillsets and to gather distinguished work experience. 



We really believe that together we are more.
The best ideas are often born as a result of a cooperation.


Cooperation is a way of life for us, whether it's internal teamwork or customer work. We do the work together, using everyone's own skills. In this way, we are able to offer our customers the best possible expertise.

Do you have a cooperation proposal for us? Contact us and tell us more about it!


We are part of our environment and our environment is part of us.


Sustainable development and responsibility are the cornerstones of our business. Whether it is financial, ecological or social sustainability, we always develop our business so that we act responsibly at every level of our operations.


customer experience

Customer experience is the most important thing to our entire team.


The needs and preferences of our customers play a key role in the development of our services. Our social media service actually started once upon a request from our customer to create social media content for them. With us, everything always starts from getting to know the customer comprehensively - genuine understanding is one of the prerequisites for a fruitful customer relationship.


Do you also want a Primaq-level customer experience? Get to know our services and get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you.


We wouldn't be here without our courage to act even in tight situations.


In a short period of time, we have made great strides forward both in terms of our services and our ways of working. We have the courage to grow and try new things, to develop and take risks, and to create new operating models and services - and to do things that sound crazy.

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