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Google Ads keyword advertising

Where do you look for solutions or answers?

You are probably thinking of Google. 

Google is used for help or when advice is needed quickly. To be effective, Google Ad needs to be current, and the customer base has to be defined. Well-planned search engine advertising is visible to the right audience at the right time, and if implemented correctly, it can significantly increase business. It's no wonder that keyword advertising is one of the most effective sales tools of our time.

what are the benefits of keyword advertising?

  • The first search result page collects over 90% of all clicks – the companies
    appearing on the first page have a clear competitive advantage.

  • Be found when and where your services are needed 

  • More visits to the website or store 

  • Get more appointments, quote requests or other desired contacts 

  • Ranking high in a Google search increases interest and discoverability 

  • Keep up with the competition and stand out 

  • An effective tool for going international 

  • Google responds to demand, while social media creates demand 


outsource your company's search engine advertising to certified experts.

Google Ads keyword advertising is produced by our digital marketing experts who have completed Google certifications. The service includes: setting up or creating an advertising account, defining search terms, determining the budget, creating and planning ad texts and ad extensions, implementing campaigns, monitoring and optimizing them, and reporting results. 



The visibility brought by Google Ads keyword advertising does not in itself cost anything, as you only pay for the clicks achieved. You define the click price yourself – in practice, you decide how much you are willing to pay per click. The Google Ads service is often a monthly billed, continuous service. We do not charge a separate initiation fee for starting the service.


If done correctly, keyword targeting can accelerate growth significantly. However, it is good to remember that even successful search keyword advertising does not produce results on its own  the core aspects of the business must be in order. Money is easily wasted if traffic is directed to a non-functioning online store, unsuccessful pricing or a bad customer experience. In addition to this, it is good to be aware that effective digital marketing is the sum of many different factors, and all functions support each other. We always recommend a regularly updated company blog to support keyword advertising and search engine optimization, because properly produced blog content improves the company's search engine visibility significantly.

Explore our Google Ads Services with pricing starting at 500€ per month, including reporting.

Google Ads Sertificate


Grow with us!

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