digital customer survey and ipad-renting

an ipad can be used in many ways

We rent iPads (iPad Air and iPad Pro) with stands for all purposes – for days, weeks or months. You can choose between foot racks and table stands. The stands can be locked, so you don't have to worry even in a busier place.


In addition to iPad renting we implement branded customer surveys that can be installed to devices. With the customer survey you can implement draws, measure customer satisfaction or collect new leads. The collected information will be processed into digital form so that they can be used easily and quickly. You can for example take the information straight into CRM. GDPR is taken into account with the surveys.

Example prices:

iPad Air + a stand of your choosing 25 € / day. 

IPad Air + a stand of your choosing 65 € / month. 


A branded customer survey + reporting 290 € 

VAT will be added to the prices. 

the most important reasons to use a digital customer survey: 

1. You can multiply the leads you collect from an event. A survey that is implemented on an iPad is inviting and interests customers. A digital survey is comfortable to use: it is simple, fast to fill in and can even be filled without any contact to the customer servant.

2. Reliability. Out customer surveys work fully offline and all the answers are saved automatically. The fact that this works offline prolongs the battery life of the iPad substantially. 

3. You can collect the information you want from the responder: interests, budgets, date of purchase, customer feedback, contacts... Our client companies design the questions themselves and we take care of the implementation. Of course we share our skills and visions: you can get tips about what works and what doesn't.


4. Cost-effectiveness. All the information is collected straight into a digital form so you save time, paper, expenses and nerves in handling the answers.