Our team is the core of our function. Our most important resource is a team filled with unconventionally good attitude. We all have our special skills and together we can work wonders. We cherish developing skills and innovative functioning so that we can meet our clients needs flexibly and individually. 

our team

We are pr- and marketing agency Primaq. Our aspiration is to boost the brand awareness and sales of our clients – this is something we aim for in all our services. Our story began in 2009 and in 2014 the company form got changed  from sole proprietorship to a corporation. We have taken huge steps forward every year ever since then. We want to be a pioneer in our field and bravely try new things. Our way of working is energetic and professional. If we don't know something, we will find it out. We are curious and want to stay on top of trends and develop our skills constantly. We get inspired by the surrounding world and actively develop our know-how with the help of different trainings, books and courses. We are open minded and want to adopt new skills with a low threshold. We often try new digital solutions on Primaq first – after that we know how to adapt them to our clients.  


 Primaq as an employer 

We are a respected partner and an interesting employer. We want to be the happiest and most collective work place in our field, that works bravely forward while at the same time taking responsibility of both people and the society. Our employees are the most important to us.

In our employees we value a positive and motivated attitude towards work. People come to us from different backgrounds but with the same high motivation. We value different kind of personalities and you need to have character! Genuineness is the key. We offer all of our employees a possibility to develop and build their skillsets and to gather distinguished work experience. 


team work

Together we are more and this is how good ideas usually are made. Teamwork is a lifestyle for us, both internally and in our customer work. With teamwork we can put everyones strenghts to good use and provide the best possible knowledge for our clients. 


We are a part of our environment and we view it very responsibly. We aim to develop our business in such a way, that sustainability is kept in mind in all aspects of our actions. 

Economical sustainability – sustainable economy creates a base for a responsible business. Well taken care of economy enables investments and development projects that increases the quality of services.

Ecological sustainability – our goal is to strain the environment as little as possible. This can be seen for example in our filming props, the fact that we are a paperless office and in our iPad renting service: this saves a ton of paper on a yearly basis. 

Social sustainability – we strive to constantly develop a trustworthy, safe and pleasant work environment. We take care of our employees and always want them to feel valued.


customer experience

Clients needs and preferences guides us as we develop our company and services. In order to make functioning and meaningful solutions we need to understand our clients needs thoroughly and to have a genuinely customer-oriented culture. The most important thing is the customer experience.


 We have taken huge steps forward in a short amount of time – both in professional development as well as in our services. We have courage to grow and try new things, to develop and take risks and to create new operation models and services. We don't get discouraged or stay still but keep going vigorously forward with the same energetic attitude!