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Instagram Reels from an idea to online

Reels videos are Instagram's equivalent to TikTok. More than half of Instagram users interact with Reels at least once a week. Reels often manage to garner a large number of views, likes, comments and shares regardless of the account's follower count. 


Reels can offer both entertainment and personal connection. They help to grow the audience, present products or services conveniently and increase engagement. A successful Reels is entertaining and creatively executed. The most important stage in the production of Reels videos is coming up with the idea and planning. In addition to engaging content, Reels should take into account the trending length and soundtrack, hashtags, caption, publication date, cover image and other factors that affect the spread. 


We have closely monitored the development direction of the feature and the development of its tools aimed at companies. We have produced Reels content for gyms, restaurants and food stores as well as real estate agencies and driving schools. We manage both organic content production and paid advertising. Advertising with Reels is effective – with a small budget, you can achieve great results. 


Regularity is key to being successful with Reels. The best results are obtained when the account remains regularly active and frequently changing trends are taken into account. Usually, our service runs as a continuous, monthly billed service. Reels are especially suitable for B2C companies, but B2B companies have also used them with great results, for example as a recruitment channel.  


If the feature or the related process sounds unnecessarily time-consuming, but you would like to take advantage of Reels' potential, you can order ready-made videos suitable for your brand from us. We produce Reels from planning to implementation, for any industry. Contact us and we'll start brainstorming! 



  • Maximize organic exposure with Reels videos 

  • Take advantage of the versatility of Instagram and drive traffic to your profile 

  • With the help of video, the brand image conveys better 

  • By combining sound, moving image and other features of Reels, you can create emotional reactions 

  • Get results fast and get hundreds, often thousands of impressions regardless of your follower count 

  • Lower the threshold for interaction between you and your target group 

  • Make your company authentic and more approachable - people are interested in other people, not companies 

  • Develop your employer image and recruit the talents of the future 

  • Present your products or services cleverly and in a memorable way 

  • Produce content that follows changing trends with the feature's fast cycle 

  • Reels videos continue to accumulate views long after publication 

attract attention and increase engagement on instagram with reels!

Grow with us!

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