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Welcome to our recruitment page! Primaq is a digital marketing agency that helps companies succeed by offering planned, high-quality and attention-grabbing digital marketing. We currently have 17 specialists working for us. We are constantly growing and developing with the needs of our customers and changes in the field of digital marketing, which is why we are regularly looking for new digital marketing experts to join our team.



We are not currently looking for new employees, but if you feel that you have something to offer us and want to make yourself known, send us a free-form application and CV by email to

We go through all the applications we receive before starting new recruitments.


Primaq as an employer

We are a valued partner and an interesting employer. We want to be the happiest and most community-oriented workplace in our field, which works courageously and bears responsibility for both people and society. Our employees are the most important thing we have.

All our employees work in expert positions in both sales and digital marketing. We invest in our work community both in terms of work well-being and skill development. We offer every Primaklainen the opportunity to develop, build their own skills and gain valuable work experience. We offer opportunities to advance in your career and grow with our company.

Above all, we value a positive and motivated attitude towards work in our employees. People come to us with different backgrounds, but with strong motivation. Using everyone's own special abilities, we work miracles together!

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