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 Social media SERVICES

High quality, organically well perfoming content for the right audience at the right time.

Do you want to increase your sales and get more exposure on social media?

Social media is one of the most important tools for exposure and marketing for a company – you can’t reach your full potential without social media. If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist! 


Social media content creation is our passion – we are the first Finnish company to offer a Social Media Assistant -service. Behind the service is an experienced and excited team full of ideas. You can get to know us best from our Instagram!


Our Someassari-service is directed to companies that need some extra hands, new energy and modern ideas on how to succeed on social media. With the service all parties can concentrate on what they know best and the company's social media accounts are always up to speed and following on-going trends. We especially handle the use of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Why choose Primaq to help you?


  • Finlands first Social media assistant -service – since the year 2016 

  • Comprehensive service 📸📝👥

  • Personal contact person 

  • A competent team behind the service

  • No need for a long commitment, only 3 months period of notice

  • Clear monthly pricing

We create consistent content systematically and actively to the social media channels of your choosing. With appealing and visual social media accounts we can efficiently reach the target groups that are most important for your company and build a deeper connection with your existing clients. The service can be tailored to your needs – let’s find the right way for your company to be seen. You can see the service packages below: 

Social media services

It is not only enough to have the social media accounts – you need to be active and you also need to be seen. If you don't have enough time, desire, know-how or interest in this, we can take full control of your social media accounts. We actively create unified content that follows the set goals and supports the brand. We always get started with a meeting, where we cover goals, resources, visual aspects, areas of responsibility and other practical matters. 

We systematically and actively produce branded, consistent content for the social media accounts of your choice.

With attractive and visual social media accounts, we effectively reach the most important target groups for your company and create a deeper relationship with existing customers. Our digital marketing services can be tailored to your company's needs.

Interested? We can be in touch with you!


  • Everything for success on social media under one roof: images, texts, publications, paid advertisements and account management

  • A customer-centric approach. We produce content supporting the company's goals and strategy

  • High-quality pictures

  • You get your own social media team 

  • Comprehensive additional services for our customers

  • Paid advertisement to support organic content

  • Experience in managing the social accounts of over a hundred different companies, both on the B2B and B2C side.

  • Clear monthly invoicing, only 3 months notice period

"The best part of the service is, that we can always be sure our social media is running accordingly to the set specs, consistently and regularly. "

DO you have any questions? Contact us.

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