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With professional skills and a visual touch

Do you want to increase your sales and get more visibility in social media?

Social media is one of the most important tools from a marketing and visibility perspective – you can’t reach your full potential without social media. If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist! 


Social media content creating is our passion – we are the first Finnish company to offer a Social Media Assistant -service. Behind the service is an experienced and enthusiastic team full of ideas. You can get to know us best on our Instagram!


Our Social Media Assistant -service is designed for companies that need extra hands, new energy and modern ideas on how to succeed in social media. With the help of our service all parties can concentrate on what they do best and the company's social media accounts are always up to date by following on-going trends. We especially handle the use of Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Why choose Primaq to help you?


  • Finland's first Social Media Assistant -service – since 2016 

  • Comprehensive service 📸📝👥

  • Personal contact person 

  • A team of marketing professionals behind the service

  • No long commitment, only 3 month notice period

  • Clear monthly pricing

We create systematically consistent content to the social media channels of your choice. With visually appealing social media accounts we can efficiently reach the target groups that are most important for your company and build a deeper connection with your existing clients. The service can be tailored to your needs – let’s find the right way for your company to be seen. You can see the service packages below: 

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A social media strategy defines the guidelines for a company's social media presence based on the brand and strategic goals. A social media strategy indicates how the company benefits from using social media, what channels should be used, what are the target groups in different social media channels and what kind of content is created. The strategy defines the company's main target groups – it is important to be able to create the right message to the right people at the right time. The goals that are set in the strategy can be both long-term goals as well as specific goals for certain channels. 

The most important factors in the strategy are goals, metrics and measuring, choosing the right channels and target groups, planning content and scheduling, areas of responsibilities, resources as well as analysis and reporting.

These questions are answered in the strategy:


We love to connect visually beautiful pictures with good content. A good picture draws the viewer's attraction to read the post. We recommend using your own pictures and we offer professional photography services for that. Through us you can get pictures as well as short videos – everything from product pictures to pictures of your staff. In addition to pictures we create text for your marketing communications. One of our strengths is to collect the most important points even from broad contexts and to formulate them in a way that sounds like the client themselves. 


One picture is worth a thousand words. Sharing pictures on social media is more common than ever before – over 350 million pictures are shared daily on Facebook alone. High-quality pictures and videos stand out!

Companies should reach for high-quality and original pictures. It would be ideal that by seeing the picture the viewer know who's post they are looking at. Companies should also keep in mind how much a picture can affect the viewers impression of the company. What kind of message do you want to pass on about your company? Let's make that happen together!

You provide the facts, we put it into words!

The most important task of texts is to pass on the wanted message to the wanted target group efficiently. Texts can be informative articles, more relaxed shorter expressions or for example slogans that awakens interest. We adopt the clients communication style quickly and write texts according to it.

Social media content for a company should be planned with care and the posting pace should be kept even – both followers and the algorithms like this and company's accounts stay up to date and interesting.

We create content especially to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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Social media contains many opportunities and options. However, it is important to remember that the final goal is always to increase sales – with different methods and schedules. In addition to active content creating, the role of paid advertising on social media is constantly increasing.

Advertisement on social media is effective; nowhere else can an ad be targeted by the characteristics of a target group as cost-effectively. Social media platforms offer effective tools to show your ad even to very specific target groups. It is important to tell the right message to the right person in the right place. In social media marketing you can get great results even with little money.

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 Maintaining social media 

It is not only enough to have social media accounts – it is important to be active and to be seen. If you don't have enough time, desire, know-how or interest in this, we can take full control of your social media accounts. We actively create unified content that follows the set goals and supports the brand. We start with a meeting where we cover goals, resources, visual aspects, areas of responsibility and other practical matters. 

"The best part of the service is, that we can always be sure our social media is running accordingly to the set specs, consistently and regularly. "