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construction & housing

Digital marketing is the cornerstone of the construction industry and the business card of real estate agents, as today's housing dreams, inspiration seeking, and new purchases are primarily done through digital channels. Standing out from competitors requires active branding, transparency, high-quality visual presence, and regular advertising. Whether your company is involved in building or selling homes, we have the right tools in our toolbox for effective digital marketing.

in the marketing of the construction and housing industry, we have focused especially on the following:

  • Photography of different stages of construction projects

  • Staff portraits and introductions

  • Content creation for social media

  • Increasing traffic to desired websites

  • Reels and TikTok videos

  • Advertisements targeting specific audiences

  • Event photography

  • Newsletters for customer or partner databases.

Digital marketing reference

increase the number of your website visitors

We quadrupled our client's website visitors within 8 months through organic content creation.

effective event marketing

Selling new properties, conducting apartment viewings, customer events, and various other events are common in the industry – we make them visible through advertising.

Digital marketing reference

create versatile content for social media

The difference between occssional and regular content creation is enormous. These results have been achieved by consistently producing content for a period of 4 months

Grow with us!

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