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The everyday life of restaurants is often hectic, requiring marketing efforts to be clear, diverse, and agile. The nature of the industry particularly emphasizes the need for versatile social media content production, various types of advertising campaigns tailored to different target audiences, directing traffic to the company's website, and active photography services that cover both digital and printable marketing materials. Let us take care of your digital marketing so that you can focus on your core expertise – developing your restaurant business.

in the marketing of the restaurant industry, we have focused especially on the following:

  • Active updating of the photo bank

  • Food photos for Wolt, Foodora, or your own online store

  • Social media content creation

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Marketing and sales for events

  • Recruitment posts and advertisements

  • Staff photography

  • Directing traffic to the website

  • Printable marketing materials

  • Reels and TikTok videos

  • Digital marketing planning

  • Multichannel marketing

digital marketing refefence

drive traffic to your website

We increase the number of table reservations, make your new menu visible, sell gift cards ‒ when the website and service are in order, digital marketing takes care of the rest.

bring your brand


We produce impressive image and video content, which we use to present your brand, personnel and menu in an attractive way.

Grow with us!

Power to recruitment

"Recruitment has been completed, we found more great guys to join our company. Several different recruitment companies were looking for workers for us, and they only found one potential one, who was hired for the summer. All other applications were through social media."

- Customer feedback

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